When Quality Matters

The company has the ability to do all phases of construction in Paraguay. These include design, construction, impact studies, and certification. The companies staff has over 25 years experience working in Paraguay.

The architectural staff has designed numerous buildings and projects over the years. The projects involved structures in the agricultural business. The engineering dept has been involved in all forms of construction. This includes civil engineering including roads and bridges. This staff was involved in a refurbishing project in Paraguay for the US government.

Environmental impact studies are an essential facet of all constructions. The personnel are certified by the Paraguayan Environmental Secretary and will accompany any of our undertaken jobs.

Every construction project in Paraguay must be certified that it meets the countires construction standards. The engineering department personnel are certified by the Public Works and Communications Ministry to perform this task.

The company is prepared to offer its clients an ample list of services. We offer the finest services, backed by our head architect/engineer who has been given a class A certification by the Public Works and Communications Ministry.