When Security Matters

Compar SA formulates solutions for our clients and their specific security problems. This is for both private companies and governmant agencies. Our staff has extensive experience with both and know the significant differences between the two sectors.

The first step in security planning is a Threat Vulnerability Assessment (TVA). The TVA is an important tool for establishing a security plan. The TVA can be for facilities, physical persons, or entire systems (Petroleum Oil and Lubricants, Electrical Grid, Ports etc). Once completed, this report then allows a complete custom plan to be formulated.

Training is another strength of Compar-SA. We have trained both private security personnel and government security forces around the world. Our personnel have conducted training for several military units in Paraguay among many.

We offer the multifaceted knowledge base of several former United States military special operations operators with both land and sea experiences. This allows Compar-SA a different perspective based on world wide experiences. Our know-how and organizational skills possessed combine for the best solution differing security issues.